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DSC Software AG


DSC Software AG is specialized in software development and consultancy, offering solutions and concepts for company-wide utilization of product information.

When DSC was founded in 1983, the company mostly focused on CAD and PDM, later concentrating on SAP PLM solutions. Today, there are more than 70 employees working for customers in various industries to implement corporation-wide processes and information supply. Reliable partnerships, the ability to embrace customers’ requirements and over 25 years of experience made DSC an expert in SAP PLM projects. As a preferred partner of SAP AG, DSC develops the „SAP PLM Integration for NX“.

Located in Karlsruhe, Germany, the company is also a co-founder of the PLM Alliance, established 2005. This Alliance represents SAP PLM development partners for CAD integrations. DSC’s standard software solution Engineering Control Center – ECTR – a flexible and costeffective software solution, realizes integration of various applications into SAP. ECTR can be handled intuitively and simplifies all product related development and engineering processes.

DSC’s latest development Factory Control Center – FCTR – is finally closing the gap between Product Development and Manufacturing. By supporting all downstream processes even to the far end – the CNC machine in manufacturing – FCTR is enabling a company to consequently use all product data and the potential of SAP.

DSC software products follow the concept of standard solution software and the offered modules are specific to companies departments: from Product Development to Manufacturing, Planning or Document Management.

Customer specific requirements are permanently incorporated in Product Development as well.

A comprehensive quality management process safeguards the high standards of all products and solutions.