Consequor Consulting AG

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Consequor Consulting AG

Consequor Consulting AG (CCAG) is a management consultancy focussing on transforming product development for sustained success of CCAG’s clients.

The CCAG team comprises highly experienced consultants that have proven track records of more than 20 years of product development optimization. CCAG was formed in 2008 as the coming together of professionals from various companies in order to combine forces and deliver outstanding solutions in the PLM space.

These solutions are targeting the following areas:

  • Product Development Processes, including Engineering Change and Manufacturing Change Management
  • Optimization of Engineer-To-Order Throughput
  • Product Structure, Bill Of Material, and Modularization Optimization
  • Product Configuration Management: Configuration Control, Value-based Variant Minimization, Product Complexity Reduction
  • All classical PLM elements, including CAD data optimization, Document Management, ERP Integration

CCAG’s unique PLM Closed Loop Approach attacks challenges on all required levels:

  • Organization: Adapting organizational interfaces and organization structure for efficient and agile processes
  • Processes: Solving the puzzle between business flexibility and process safety using Lean Development-based principles adapted for practicality
  • Application Landscape: Forming IT as a agile, non-restricting PLM service provider with in-depth IT implementation specifications.

The CCAG consultants have been there, done that – personally. Your value: No bloated, long-winded, investment-intensive solutions that are beyond the problem dimension at hand.

A Special Focus on People Change Management

CCAG delivers innovative yet pragmatic solutions that have been successfully implemented at a number of clients. Key success factor with all projects has been the close integration with our clients. We are hands-on working together with the client’s team: Coaching our clients to achieve the projected results and goals themselves – it’s not CCAG’s initiative. Our approach includes methodology elements for people change management – even when talking about “pure technology”. It is hard gained experience that always people affected – no matter how technical the solution might be.

The tools and templates we have developed are for you to keep – enabling you to continue to improve when CCAG’s engagement is over. 

We are looking forward to jointly take your PLM journey.

The CCAG Team