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PLM Interest Group

The PLM Interest Group will run a PLM Standards Implementation Workshop that is integrated with the PLM Innovation Congress.

The PLMIG was formed in 2003 as a proactive, global interest group for PLM. It soon became clear that the interactive format of PLMIG meetings and events, where PLM experts work together for two or three days at a time, could generate new material that has industry-wide applicability.

After the creation of the PLM Benchmarking Handbook in 2004 and the PLM Self-Assessment Toolkit in 2006, the PLMIG was supported by PTC and UGS (now Siemens PLM) to investigate the possibility of a full Benefits Reference Model for PLM. That early foray into generation of neutral PLM material has how evolved into an international standardisation programme for PLM.

This programme aims to capture the full set of best practices learned over the past ten years and incorporate them into practical working tools and methodologies. PLMIG workshops in Sweden, Germany, Italy and the UK during 2011 generated a wealth of new material that can be applied by industrial companies to streamline and improve their PLM environments.

The PLMIG Standards Implementation Workshop hosted at PLM Innovation 2012 will not only present this new material, but it will enable participants to work through the barriers and "quick wins" that are likely to affect their own implementations. The Workshop deliverables will include a full set of documentation of the results that can be used after the event. The partnership with PLM Innovation also enables delegates to take advantage of some of the social and networking benefits of the host event, and will provide Congress delegates with a window into the live standardisation process.